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Coast to Coast Rare Stones is a cooperative of three full-time professional lapidaries with more than 130 years of combined gem cutting experience. We travel the globe in search of unique materials to interest collectors as well as cutting stones that are appropriate for setting into jewelry. We have been involved in the mining of colored gemstones including benitoite and spessartite garnet in California, tourmaline from Mt. Mica in Maine and Northwest Territories in Canada as well as a number of rarer species from all over North America. Our contacts within the gemstone mining industry make it possible to bring you the finest quality gems at the best price.

We are continually cutting.  If you have questions about any of the "inventory" or are looking for something in particular, please "contact us" with your request, email address and phone number. We update our site daily, so please check us often.


March 20 by John Bradshaw

We would like to thank all of our clients that visited us in Tucson last month.  Your business is important to us and we appreciate your continuing relationship with us.   It is always a pleasure to see our old friends and make a few new ones.  Last year in Tucson (2022), the shows were back in full swing but the nighttime events and seminars were all cancelled.  This year, all of the social events that happen at the end of the business day were back.  It was said that Tucson is 60% business and 40% social and we completely agree with that statement!  We are back working hard to replenish our rare stock that culmintaes in Tucson every Winter.  As always, we look forward to helping with any of your colored stone needs.  Please let us know your specific requests and we will do the best to source for you when possible.

We would like to remind everybody that we are available by Virtual Zoom meetings should you need to see an expensive item up close before commiting to purchase.  We continue to offer our 10 day approval period on our entire inventory.  I hope that our "Virtual" contact does not go away completely but it will never replace the person to person meetings that we have with all of you each and every year.  We certainly look forward to seeing you in person this year at sometime, somewhere on the Ball.

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*We have added a “Gemstone Info” link under the Glossary tab that will give gemological and other pertinent data on the gems that we supply.  This list will be added to over time.  If you have a particular gem that you would like to have listed, feel free to contact us.

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Pictured above:

Left:  Purple Apatite, 7.21 ct from Namibia

Center:  Yellow Sphalerite, 86.14 ct from Mongolia

Right:  Demantoid, 11.71 ct from Namibia