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Lot of 3 stones with a total weight of 3.66 ct
Weight: 1.00 Lot, Size: assorted, Shape: assorted
Color: brown/yellow, Locality: Tanzania, SKU: xPB947

* Clearance
Weight: 1.12 ct, Size: 6.5x4.9 mm, Shape: rectangle
Color: brown, Locality: , SKU: xJB692

* Clearance
Weight: 2.37 ct, Size: 8.3x7.4 mm, Shape: cushion
Color: pink, Locality: Nigeria, SKU: TG207
Attractive mix of dichroic colors.
Weight: 3.41 ct, Size: 10.7x8.2 mm, Shape: cushion
Color: green/brown, Locality: Brazil, SKU: xJB697

* Clearance
Weight: 3.79 ct, Size: 10.8 x 8.6 mm, Shape: cushion
Color: orange-pink, Locality: Mozambique, SKU: CG027
Weight: 3.89 ct, Size: 10.3 mm, Shape: round
Color: purplish-pink, Locality: Nigeria, SKU: JG110
Weight: 10.31 ct, Size: 13.8 x 9.9 mm, Shape: cut corner rectangle
Color: pink/green, Locality: Nigeria, SKU: WG018
Weight: 10.43 ct, Size: 13.3 x 9.9, Shape: rectangle cut-corners
Color: pink/green, Locality: Nigeria, SKU: UG225
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